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The Nib Issue 6: Power

The Nib Issue 6: Power

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As multiple crises unfold, from a pandemic and recession to police repression and a power-mad president, The Nib takes a look at power in all its forms.

With a cover by Richie Pope and contributions from more than 30 cartoonists on power dynamics from the personal to the systemic.

In this issue:

  • An illustrated interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates on racism and representation in storytelling.
  • Inequity in the time of pandemic — profiles on four very different people affected by this crisis.
  • Dispatches on the protests in Puerto Rico, a cop convention, and the power of gender fluidity.
  • A feature on how the power company itself must be reformed.
  • Read the adventures of Black Power Man and watch Trump meet a gruesome end that we would like to emphasize is legally protected satire!

Published by The Nib.

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