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We have upgraded our direct wholesale experience using Shopify Plus.
All existing legacy wholesale accounts from before 3/27/2024 will be getting an email about migrating your wholesale account to our new and improved system over the coming days.

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If you do not see the new wholesale page, please email admin@silversprocket.com and we will help you get this set up.

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If you have not gotten an email with instructions on upgrading your wholesale account (subject line: “Welcome to B2B ordering with Silver Sprocket”), please send an email to admin@silversprocket.com that includes the email address associated with your previously existing wholesale account.
Once we update your account, you will receive an email with activation instructions and updated login instructions for our new and enhanced direct wholesale site.

Other Distribution Options:

Aside from our direct wholesale, you can get our books from  SCB Distributors, Ingram, Lunar, Diamond, and select titles from Birdcage Bottom, Radiator, or AK PressOur merchandise items are also available from Faire Direct.