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Oatmilk Anthology Volume 1

Oatmilk Anthology Volume 1

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Self Published by Sydney Chavan 

Oatmilk Anthology is a collection of excerpts from various short stories I’ve written over the years. My favorite way to share these is by getting them professionally risograph printed and distributing them at comic festivals, but recently I decided to combine them all into one book for easy reading. The anthology includes:

SOMETIMES I SEE YOU: Based on events in my own life, this story explores the situations someone imagine going through when they suddenly come face to face with someone who wronged them.

SUPERDEAD: Based on a prompt requiring I start bthe comic with, "every great love story begins with a murder," this story won first place in the 2021 Platform Comics Short Story Competition.

BOD: Inspired by thoughts plaguing my mind after weight gain and how it made me see the world differently.

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