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Digital Pre-Order: The Night Never Ends by Steve Thueson

Digital Pre-Order: The Night Never Ends by Steve Thueson

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A horror comedy graphic novel about turning thirty… and also accidentally catching the attention of a killer cult.

On the Friday before Kate’s 30th birthday, she convinces her friends to go back to her hometown to celebrate. The plan: break into an abandoned house and hold a séance, just like she did in high school. As the friends join hands over the ouija board, an unsettlingly real scream splits the air. What started as a fun way to relive their punk adolescence before accepting the weight of adulthood turns into a night of fleeing bloodthirsty cultists. Can they find a way to get out of the suburbs alive?


“A gripping tale sure to keep you on your toes. Why go to the movies when you can read a horror comic?” – Caroline Cash, PeePee PooPoo

"A big bucket of delicious blood-spattered popcorn with an amazing laugh-per-page ratio!" – Liz Suburbia, Sacred Heart


Release date: 08/28/24

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