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Digital Pre-Order: Lucky Cap Scouts by O. Stevens

Digital Pre-Order: Lucky Cap Scouts by O. Stevens

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This is a pre-order.
You will receive an updated download link for the finished PDF in June 2024.


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  • 40 full-color pages
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A funny and colorful comic about dealing with the sudden arrival of reality!

Lucky Cap Scouts are a series of mystery box figurines, each with their own unique design and personality. When Checkers was unpacked and came alive in their new home, they had no idea about the variety of experiences that existence had to offer. There are point-and-click video games, new food to taste, friendships with other Scouts — and of course the existential dread. Join Checkers and the Scouts as they figure out life outside the box! 


  • “A colorful candy-coated feast for the eyes, this comic will resonate with any trinket lover who just wants to collect funny little guys!” – Grace Gogarty, Little Tunny's Snail Diaries
  • "A perfect little thing. This comic effortlessly understands what makes the little objects on your desk so special, and how the personalities we imbue them with can blossom." – Cam Marshall, Matchmaker


O. Stevens is a comic artist located in Southern California with her three cats. Going by NoneToon online, she creates short webcomics, designs goofy creatures, and sews fun crafts. When she’s not making comics, she enjoys cross-stitch, camping, watching horror let’s plays, and, of course, collecting mystery box figurines.


Release date: 06/26/23

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