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Digital Pre-Order: Demons: Rise and Grind by Hyena Hell

Digital Pre-Order: Demons: Rise and Grind by Hyena Hell

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  • 160 B&W pages
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The worst part of Hell isn’t the flames… it’s the paperwork.

Bug and Grog are pit demons of Hell, and they've got it pretty good. Some routine brutality, some quotidian violence, and then they are basically free to do whatever (and whomever) they like. That is, until Grog gets noticed for being frustratingly competent, and ruins the whole thing by being sent to work in Hell’s “upstairs office.” As he tries to navigate a series of byzantine systems and bureaucratic absurdities, Bug tries to navigate the frustration of being left behind. Will Bug learn to accept this new status quo with grace, or do something impulsive and reckless? Spoiler alert: It’s something impulsive and reckless.

This fourth comic in the Demons graphic novel series by Hyena Hell can be read in sequence or as a standalone!


"A Boschian hellscape of rules, punishments, and bureaucratic tedium conjured up by Hyena Hell. Demons: they're just like us." - Katie Skelly, My Pretty Vampire

"If you're familiar with the work of Ms. Hell, you know what to expect: audacious humor, lots of attitude, a decidedly punk sensibility, feminist themes, and no fucks given as to whose toes she steps on… This is just about as accessible — and smart, and entertaining — as comics get." – Four Color Apocalypse

"Hyena Hell nails down the boring horrors of earth and hell with such mastery, every character is a hilarious extension of some familiar misery." – M.S. Harkness, Time Under Tension

"Hyena Hell is funny and can draw and can write. Love her stuff. Also she can find the humor in despair and that is not nothing." - Roz Chast, Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?


Release date: 12/4/24

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