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Pre-Order: Boy Island by Leo Fox

Pre-Order: Boy Island by Leo Fox

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This is a pre-order. Your entire order will ship in August 2024.

“Poor Lucille. You are in the elbow of your life, the place where it bends. What will you do?”

Your name is Lucille. You live on Girl Island, one of two islands created when the world was cleft in twain by an entity bigger and more powerful than you. But you have a secret. Your secret is that despite living on Girl Island, you are a boy. You fear deep down in your insides, that you may have been a boy for a very long time. And so you leave your home and your mother and begin the journey to Boy Island. Although it may be treacherous, it is the only way forward.

A modern transgender fable in graphic novel form, Boy Island weaves its way along the path of becoming with humor and insight, channeled through Leo Fox’s iconic art and storytelling style. Printed as a deluxe embossed hardcover.


“Gender is complicated. Boy Island is great.” – Marie Enger, Where Black Stars Rise

“Using rich, vibrant imagery, an emotional tale is told of the trans experience, and how very often family confuses control and fear as a sign of caring. Vivid, folkloric aesthetics mix with a sharp sense of humor to take You (Lucille) on a journey to find acceptance in a beautifully illustrated, yet isolating tapestry of a world.” – Lonnie Garcia, Putty Pygmalion

“Leo Fox has written Scripture. Boy Island reads like a book from the Bible that I wish existed. I don't remember the last time I got this excited about a work of art.” – Carta Monir


Hardcover; 168 full-color pages; 8" x 8" square; ISBN: 979-8-88620-050-8; SRP: $29.99; Release date: 08/21/24

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