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Wobby #28 Flat Battery

Wobby #28 Flat Battery

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Wobby #28 – Flat Battery | A horrible edition full of rancour and blame is= just the tonic for this glib shiny world. A flat battery is a beautiful thing, an exhausted vessel that has burnt brightly and made a helluva lotta noise. This magazine’s heroic negativity is the absolute clarity that you need before you birth yourself back to boom time; reading Wobby is the charger everybody will want to borrow!

Artists of Wobby #28, Flat Battery

Anna Degnbol (DK), Anna Geselle (DE), Apolo Cacho (MX), Birthe Janssens (BE), Bobbi Oskam/Nastia Cistakova (NL), Emille Weisz (NL), Francesc Estrada (ES), Joost Pollmann (NL), Lizabeth Zaft (RU), Melcher Oosterman (NL), Rosa Willemijn Vlogman (NL), Sandro van der Leeuw (NL), Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein (NL), Vanilla Chi (CN/US), Vera Gulikers (NL), Victor Verhelst (BE)

Cover by Anna Degnbol (DK)

Centrefold & limited edition print by Vanilla Chi (CN/US)

-dimensions: 17 x 25 cm
-pages: 40
-language: English
-Risograph printed
-edition: 550

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