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Wobby #27 Omnipotent


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Wobby 27 – Omnipotent | And they came and they were everywhere, seeing it was good, feeling and smelling their power, hearing fine things from the mouth of wobbling supreme beings, grasping the jelly of Wobby. Omnipotent is the greasy edition, you snap? The word and the image dance the mind muscles into a buff, ripped magazine!

Artists of Wobby #27, Omnipotent

Elevatorteeth (US), Bobbi Oskam/Nastia Cistakova (NL), Fiona Lutjenhuis (NL), Gvidas Pakarklis (LT/UK), Hélène Amrouche (FR), Isabel Cavenecia (NL/DE), Joost Oomen (NL), Joost Pollmann (NL), Kateřina Konarovská (CZ/NL), Marco Quadri (IT/NL), Meliza de Vries (NL), Mika Schalks (NL), Panayiotis Terzis (US), Sarah Böttcher (DE), Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein (NL).

Cover by Fiona Lutjenhuis (NL)

Centrefold & limited edition print by Panayiotis Terzis (US)

-dimensions: 17 x 25 cm
-pages: 40
-language: English
-Risograph printed
-edition: 550