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Witch Hazel by Colton Fox and Beige Blum

Witch Hazel by Colton Fox and Beige Blum

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Witch Hazel #1 

WITCH HAZEL follows a chaotic day in the life of Hazel, a talented witch whose life has come to a halt after dropping out of magic school- until she awakens from a night out to find she has accidentally accepted EVERY posting on a spellcaster job app AND landed a date with the girl of her dreams, Alice. Can Hazel complete all of her tasks in time for her hot date? Not if the interdimensional beings she inadvertently summoned have anything to say! Action, Comedy, Romance, Magic and Monsters- Just a day in the life of a Witch named Hazel. Winner of Best Independent Canadian Comic and Best Colourist of 2022 by Sequential Magazine. 

Writing and Layouts by Colton Fox (He/Him)

Art by Beige Blum (She/They)

Lettering by Matt Krotzer

Colour by Beige Blum, Jessica Huynh & Colton Fox

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