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Witch Hazel by Colton Fox and Beige Blum


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Hazel's is a talented witch whose life has come to a depressing halt after dropping out of magic school... That is until she awakens from a night out to find she has accepted every offer on WITCHCRAFT, a freelance job app for witches, AND set a date with her crush Alice all on the same day! Will she finish her tasks in time for a night of awkward romance? Not if the interdimensional, magic-hungry demons she inadvertently summoned have anything to say about it!

Don your witches cap, grab your favorite bubbling potion and buckle up for a non-stop thrill ride cover to cover that will have you laughing, gasping and aweing at one of the most magical comics ever made with an ending no one can see coming!


Beige Blum @icedtaho

Fox Colton @coltonthefox