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When We Were Trekkies Issue 2: We Are Not Alone by Joe Sikoryak


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After weeks of preparation, the five boys (including Frank and Dean) don their costumes and drive thru the freezing winter rain to the 3rd International Star Trek Convention. Arriving at the Americana Hotel late on Sunday evening, they find that registration is closed and their efforts may be for naught.

Cleverly, they gain entrance, only to discover a thousand kindred souls, new opportunities and a world of wonders. Dean gets schooled in convention etiquette and the boys win two of the top prizes — but it’s Harold who makes a significant connection with some female fans. Published


October, 2022 Duotone covers on 100lb gloss, b/w interiors on 70lb matte 20 pg, 8.5 x 11”

Self published by the artist.