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Stamp Washi Tape: Botanica by Kevin Jay Stanton

Washi Station

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Discover a world of wildflowers in our Florapedia collection.

Printed paper tape in the style of stamps with perforation for easy tear or cut guide. Features 10 cards from Kevin Jay Stanton's beautiful Botanica tarot deck! The cards featured are: The Moon, The Sun, Two & Knight of Cups, King & Ace of Swords, Nine & Ace of Wands, Six & Page of Pentacles.

Can be used individually or in a line in planners, journals, or for sealing and decorating mail. Easily peels off and leaves minimal residue on most surfaces. A perfect gift for the stationery and snail mail lover in your life - or you!

Note: These are NOT real stamps and have no postage value!

Original design by Kevin Jay Stanton / @kevinjaystanton

Produced by The Washi Station!