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Walo: A Central American Odyssey (Volume 1) by Chele Delgado, Walder Casco López, and Dustin Garcia


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The first in a 3-part graphic novel about a Nicaraguan man on an adventure through foreign lands as a migrant worker and refugee.

Walo, a young man from a small town in Nicaragua, flees a violent conflict in his country and sets off on a migrant odyssey through unfamiliar Central American territories with his unhinged uncle and best friend. Along the way he encounters dangerous gangs, corrupt land owners, and mythical beings from Central American folklore come-to-life, all in his quest to earn a few bucks.

However, his quest for money only seems to get him deeper and deeper into trouble, putting him into conflict with everyone around him as he repeatedly sacrifices his own principles and relationships in order to keep his dream from falling apart.

As his decisions set in motion an unpredictable journey towards opportunity in foreign lands, it becomes apparent that finding your place in this world doesn't have as much to do with where you are, but who you are. Whether he eventually realizes that or not is anyone's guess...


  • 6.625" x 10.25" (168 x 260 mm)
  • 112 Pages
  • Softcover

Self published via Kickstarter by the artists.