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Votes For Women: The Battle for the 19th Amendment, a Comics Anthology Edited by Ally Schwed

Little Red Bird Press

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One hundred years ago, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It officially established that the right of citizens to vote “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." But the road to voting equality was long and brutal; and even after the amendment was enacted, many still struggled for access to the ballot. The latest comics anthology from Little Red Bird Press explores the history of woman suffrage and examines the many complex narratives that built the movement.

Through 200+ pages of comics and illustrations created by 32 womxn artists, Votes for Women: The Battle for the 19th Amendment reflects on the fight for female suffrage. We celebrate the hard-won victories; we acknowledge the harsh realities; and we continue to fight the battle for gender equality still being waged.

Edited by Ally Shwed

Contributors include:

Shadia Amin . Claudia E Berger . Ashley Caswell . Rosa Colón . Kitty Curran . Athena Currier . Patricia Daguisan . Grace Desmarais . Jamaica Dyer . Liz Enright . Rumi Hara . LA Johnson . Nomi Kane . Emily Kesselman . Theora Kvitka . Yuka Masuko . Lupi McGinty . Linette Moore . Sarah Myer . Laura Neubert . Aubrey Nolan . Meggie Ramm . Teresa Roberts Logan . Ally Shwed . Christine Skelly . Cassie Soliday . Lauren Sparks . Whit Taylor . Josune Urrutia . Larissa Zageris . Leda Zawacki . Cait Zellers


Published by Little Red Bird Press