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Transvestia Issue #7: Feminism, Women’s Marches, TERFs and SWERFs

Transvestia Issue #7: Feminism, Women’s Marches, TERFs and SWERFs

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Transvestia Issue 7: Feminism, Women's Marches, TERFs and SWERFs is the one year anniversary of the new continuation of Transvestia! This issue, while being a nice 34 pages, is a full one! It has seven different submissions from writers all around, including 3 poems and a contribution from another zine, Transphobic Fever. This is such a balanced zine, with a good amount of submissions from the community and standard articles. This issue does not have a featured "Queer Fashion" column, but it does feature Tara Rhiannon Bartley on the cover, and Slade Warnken and their band, Prom D8, as the "Trans Creative"! This issue also includes a large summary of world events, bigger than any of the previous issues.

The articles in this issue explore so much in this large topic, and I will definitely have to use this theme again in a future issue. Some explore recent events, like JK Rowling's infamous tweet this past month, and some explore more abstract ideas around feminism and what that means to us as trans and nonbinary people. It's a really interesting read and I hope you like it!

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