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Transvestia Issue #2: Misgendering


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Mission Statement:

1. To provide REPRESENTATION for those identified in the trans and nonbinary community.

2. To provide INFORMATION to those who, through ignorance, condemn that which they do not understand.

3. To provide EDUCATION for those who see evil where none exists.

Excerpt (Letter from the editor):

Transvestia takes it's title and inspiration from the San Francisco zine that ran from 1960-1980. This issue is a compliation of stories by trans and nonbinary people about times they have been misgendered and what happened, what they think about the idea of misgendering, and how they may come to terms with never being gendered correctly.  There are also standard columns in every issue such as "Trans Dressing/Passing Tips", and "Political Summary".

This Issue is 23 pages, excluding front and back covers. Lilac coloured paper, hand bound by me.