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Transvestia Issue #16: Gatekeeping

Transvestia Issue #16: Gatekeeping

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Transvestia Issue #16 handles the very complicated topic of gatekeeping, and the submissions included explore many aspects of it in a very real and interesting way.

"Gatekeeping is a concept and act that continues to change over time, and growing older,  find myself having to reevaluate my own ideas around what constitutes "trans", "goth", or any other segmented identity that creates a community of belonging. I personally have come to the conclusion that if people say they're some identity, there's no reason why I should care or have any say whether they actually are or not. I would rather accept folks who are "faking" being a certain identity than exclude people from a community they truly belong to and need, because I can't see the difference based on superficial appearances."

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