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Transvestia Issue #11: Racism in the Trans Community

Transvestia Issue #11: Racism in the Trans Community

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Transvestia Issue 11: Racism in the Trans Community is a very important issue, that I’m so lucky I got to curate and publish. All of the artists and authors in this issue are amazing human beings, and I highly suggest reading through each piece and supporting these authors/artists in any way you can. This issue has a little bit of a different look from previous issues, and I break that down in the Letter from the Editor.

This issue deals with the pervasive and constant issue of racism within the trans/nonbinary communities, people’s experiences with racism, and it features black and brown artists the way they should be — on their terms. This is the first issue of Transvestia that deals directly with racism within our communities, but it certainly won’t be the last. This conversation needs to continue and I’m so glad this issue exists to help it. I also want to thank all the contributors for all their emotional labour in putting this together.

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