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Transvestia Issue #1: Coming Out

Transvestia Issue #1: Coming Out

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Mission Statement:

1. To provide REPRESENTATION for those identified in the trans and nonbinary community.

2. To provide INFORMATION to those who, through ignorance, condemn that which they do not understand.

3. To provide EDUCATION for those who see evil where none exists.

Excerpt (Letter from the editor):

Transvestia takes it's title and inspiration from the San Francisco zine that ran from 1960-1980. The first issue's theme is "Coming Out". "coming Out" has many connotations. In the context of the queer community, it is seen as an almost necessary step that every queer person goes through in their life in order to live queer, or in some cases, even be queer (what we consider "Gatekeeping"). In every context, it means revealing oneself to the world, being vulnerable, and opening oneself up to wanted or unwanted critique.

This is a compilation of stories and articles from all kinds of trans/nonbinary folks and their friends/families on a specific theme -- this one being Coming Out. There are also standard columns in every issue such as "Trans Dressing/Passing Tips", and "Political Summary".

This issue is 26 pages long, excluding front and back covers. It is white paper, hand bound with embroidery thread by me. 


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