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Think I've Still Got It! by Wang XX

Think I've Still Got It! by Wang XX

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Think I've Still Got It is the first translation of the cult phenomenon by Wang XX. Since beginning the semi-autobiographical Seal series in 2015, Wang XX has built a fictional, animal-populated universe through hundreds of comics and illustrations. We join our hero, Seal, on her journey through the intoxicating victories and crushing setbacks of modern life.

"This is so good, I almost pooped myself laughing!"

- MariNaomi, author and illustrator of I Thought YOU Hated ME

"Wang XX's seal stories feel like visual ASMR — While being painfully relatable through their portrayal of anxiety and loneliness, they are also deeply comforting. I can see the seal in my mind's eye whispering, 'Everything's gonna be okay.'"

- Aisha Franz, author and illustrator of Shit is Real

The book comes with six stickers loosely sealed into plastic bags on the front and back.

Fanqiao Wang (pen name Wang XX) is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Shanghai, China. Since 2015, Wang XX has been drawing a series of semi-autobiographical comics featuring the angsty, joyous, and heartbreakingly earnest character of Seal. In addition to participating in numerous comics anthologies, including Special Comix and Naked Body, Wang XX has published two volumes of Seal comics. She manages a merchandising line of Seal-branded products ranging from beach towels to aromatherapy candles.

Offset printing / color / 66 pages / 6.5 x 9" / 6 stickers

ISBN: 978-1-951078-03-4
Wang XX 王XX Instagram: @an_ordinary_seal

Published by Paradise Systems.

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