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The True Cost of Coal by Beehive Collective

The True Cost of Coal by Beehive Collective

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The True Cost of Coal is a rhyming storybook from the Beehive Design Collective. Fun and educational for ages 9-99, it also features lessons and activities related to the story’s themes of ecology, colonial history, workers rights, extreme extraction, community organizing, and regenerative futures alongside Beehive Collective graphics designed specifically for coloring on.

This is the first book adaptation of our collective’s art. You can see the original “True Cost of Coal” poster here and find out more about our collective here.  Much like our posters, we are excited for educators and parents to use this book as a tool to teach complex social and ecological issues to young minds. 

Alongside intricately detailed art there is a rhyming and simplified narrative, guiding readers through a winding timeline.  The story explores important history often left out of classroom curriculum, inspires the reader to question present-day decision-making systems, and encourages us all to envision our own role in moving towards a sustainable and regenerative future. 


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