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The Snow Yak Show by Mark Ryden

The Snow Yak Show by Mark Ryden

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Traverse Mark Ryden's vast wintry landscapes into the frigid domain of the majestic Snow Yak. Images from Ryden's acclaimed Japanese Snow Yak Show are reproduced in large 11" x 14" format, and include many detail images and drawings. In this set of work, Ryden paints with a palette of subtle whites and greys to create mysterious scenes of soft snow, clouds, and fur. The inhabitants of this wintry world are bare angelic figures and their companion woolly snow yaks. The works were originally shown at the prestigious Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo in February 2009. This book features all of the works, as well as photographs of the work on display and of Ryden's trip through Japan. Mark Ryden came to preeminence in the 1990s. With his masterful technique and disquieting content, he became a leader in the revitalization of painting, combining accessibility, craftsmanship and technique with socio-cultural relevance and emotional resonance. His work has been exhibited in museums and finer galleries worldwide. Hardcover, color.

"some of my favorite Ryden paintings ever" -David Pescovitz,

"The high prince of Lowbrow -- known for his incomparable skill, his often shocking price tags, and his capacity to sell out just about anything -- is ready for some attention from the art world." -LA Weekly

Published by Last Gasp.

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