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The Prince in the Garden by Coffeeshere & Liliwood

The Prince in the Garden by Coffeeshere & Liliwood

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Be welcome your majesties! This is how our tale unfolds.

The Prince in the Garden tells the story of Remi, an innocent servant. That in order to break the mysterious curse that will bring him to his death, Remi must obtain the kiss of true love from the most narcissistic person in the kingdom, the King.

In this issue, Remi, beautiful as a rose, begins his lovelorn journey, discovering that winning over the heartless King will be tremendously harder than what he imagined.

Will Remi be able to break the curse without losing himself?

Once upon a time, in a forlorn land, where artists lived hand to mouth, dwelt two curious creators: Coffeshere, passionate illustrator in the manga style proficient, and Liliwood, broken writer, in fantasy specialized. These brave souls sought to express to the world that which took them years to internalize. The pair shared the same passion, a love for comics and the act of creation.


Self published by the artists!



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