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The Nib Issue 5: Animals

The Nib

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Animals: we love them, we eat them, we meme them, we are one.

In the Animals issue, cartoonists from around the world pack 112 full-color pages with original stories of graphic journalism, memoir, and satire. Contributors explore America’s roadside animal attractions, eating less meat, cat behavior, racist dogs, and pet cemeteries.

  • Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mansoor Adayfi recounts the wild animals he met while imprisoned by the United States, illustrated by Kane Lynch.

  • Four cartoonists on their absolute worst pet ever.

  • Comics journalism on the tragic trade of smuggled birds by Dorian Alexander and Levi Hastings.

  • Stories from around the world: Laura Athayde on myths surrounding the Amazonian dolphin and Mike Centeno on bullfighting in Venezuela.

  • Arwen Donahue’s memoir of raising goats explores the divide behind the city, the farm, and the slaughterhouse.

  • Dispatches by Julia Bernhard, Andy Warner, Sarah Glidden, Tom Humberstone, Elizabeth Haidle, Sage Coffey, Mey Rude, Lilian Min, and Diane Zhou.

  • Illustrated animal stats by Krystel Bugayong.

  • Kory Bing draws endlings — the last known individual of a species.

  • Strips by Ruben Bolling, Gemma Correll, Ben Passmore, Lauren Weinstein, Lucy Knisley, Michael Kupperman, Chelsea Saunders, Brian McFadden, Joey Alison Sayers, and Matt Furie.

  • With contributions from Sarah Mirk, Gerardo Alba, Molly Brooks, Warren Bernard, Mady G, Matt Lubchansky, Meg O’Shea, Delta Vasquez, Bob Sikoryak, and Mark Kaufman.

Published by The Nib.