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The Nib Issue 4: Scams

The Nib

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Scams are all around us. They’re in our food, in our media, in our White House. In the Scams issue, with cover art by Gemma Correll, 45 top-notch cartoonists from around the world pack 112 full-color pages with original stories of graphic journalism and political satire. 

  • Matt Bors and Kazimir Lee illustrate how banks ripped off American homeowners, causing the massive 2008 foreclosure crisis that wiped out half of Black wealth in the country.

  • Yazan al-Saadi and Tracy Chahwan talk with refugees who are ripped off by smugglers as they flee for their lives from Syria. 

  • Maria Stoian reports from within the multi-level marketing empire, attending a conference on shilling for essential oils. 

  • Jamie Noguchi explains how a white Marvel editor using an Asian-sounding pen name is a form of literary yellowface. 

  • James Kochalka and Eric Olsen reminisce about a failed counterfeiting scheme that hinged on just photocopying money at Kinkos.  

  • Emi Gennis tells the tale of an old-timey huckster who amassed political power and wealth by selling goat testicles as a miracle cure.

  • Eleri Harris and Julia Bernhard get the scoop on how new agey fads promoting vaginal cleansing (yoni steam, anyone?) are all bad news. 

  • Josh Carter, with artist Liz Enright, shares a personal story about the fallout on his family when his dad falls prey to one scam after another, including sending thousands of dollars to a “Nigerian prince.”

  • Six cartoonists illustrate a “Greatest Grifters” hall of fame. 

  • Maki Naro and Matt Bors team up to illustrates an interview with an evangelist of Flat Earth theory. 

  • Artists Malaka Gharib, Katie Wheeler, and Ashley Robyn Franklin share scams they have personally been a part of. 

  • Additional dispatches by Steve Teare, Ryan Briggs, Dorian Alexander, Levi Hastings, Lisa Rosalie-Eisenberg, Noah Kulwin, Anna Merlan, and Mady G.

  • Illustrated scams stats by Gerardo Alba.

  • Strips by KC Green, Brian McFadden, Matt Lubchansky, Mariah-Rose Marie, Linette Moore, Zach Weinersmith, Michael Kupperman, Chelsea Saunders, Joey Alison Sayers, Sarah Mirk, and Ally Shwed.

Published by The Nib.