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The Nib Issue 2: Family

The Nib Issue 2: Family

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  • Nicole Georges interviews Alison Bechdel about how writing a memoir changed her family and herself.
  • Ryan Devereaux of The Intercept reports on a Brazilian father and son separated at the border, illustrated by Katie Wheeler.
  • Mathew and Jake New, a pair of twin brothers attend a twins festival in Twinsberg, Ohio, to report back on their findings.
  • Four queer cartoonists on how they are defining family for themselves—L. Nichols, Luke Healy, Robyn Jordan, and Archie Bongiovanni.
  • Features by Sarah Glidden, Mike Dawson, Maki Naro, Andy Warner and Eleri Harris.
  • Dispatches by Emily Flake, Matt Bors, Teddy Hose, Vreni Stollberger, Joe Decie, Chelsea Saunders, Keith Knight and Andy Warner.
  • Strips by Kendra Wells, Ruben Bolling, Nomi Kane, Matt Lubchansky, Jon Rosenberg, Gemma Correll, Joey Alison Sayers and Ben Passmore.
  • Stats by Olivia Walch, contributions by Erlend Sandøy and Sim Mau, with covers and illustrations by Jillian Tamaki.

Published by The Nib.

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