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The Nib Issue 13: Work

The Nib Issue 13: Work

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The Nib magazine #13. Time to clock out and read about terrible bosses, strikebreaking, freelance gigs, working moms, wage theft, sex work, and more. Draw to live or live to draw? More than 30 cartoonists give us their best work.

In this issue:

  • Union-busting scum

  • A history of company towns

  • Night shift in the ICU

  • The most obsolete jobs of yore

  • Four artists on their worst bosses

  • What our readers have stolen from work

  • Dilbert organizes!

The full lineup for the magazine is:

  • Working Like a Dog by Yifan Luo, on service animals

  • Never Sleep: The Hidden Story of a 180-Year-Old Union-Busting Spy Agency by Sam Wallman

  • No Comfort: Anxiety Thoughts From a Body Decaying Under Capitalism by Kahlil Kasir

  • Not Working by Issy Manley, on the sustainable future of working less

  • Mama’s Gotta Work by Eleri Harris, on childcare and careers

  • You’re Lucky You Have a House, Peasant: A History of Company Towns by Joyce Rice and Kevin Moore

With Dispatches, Strips, and other contributions from:

  • For The Response, cartoonists on bad bosses from Colleen Frakes, Sonaksha, Richa Kaul Padte, Meg O’Shea, and Meera Lee Patel.

  • Work stats by Kay Sohini, Archive editorial cartoons on inflation by Warren Bernard, and in our letters to the editor Ben Passmore illustrates things our readers stole from work. Plus an interview Jiz Lee on sex work by Sarah Mirk and Archie Bongiovanni.

  • Dispatches from Omar al Til, Em Hoover, Mallorie J. Udischas-Trojan, Yazan Al-Saadi and Hicham Rahma, Gerardo Alba, Ernesto Barbieri and Jess Ruliffson, and Mark Kaufman.

  • Strips by Mattie Lubchansky, Gemma Correll, Joey Alison Sayers, Giulia Sagramola, Mariah-Rose Marie, Nomi Kane, Michael Sweater, Niccolo Pizarro, and Derek M Ballard.

  • With illustrations by Maria Stoian and Mark Kaufman.

Published by The Nib.

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