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The Nib Issue 12: Cities

The Nib Issue 12: Cities

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The Nib magazine #12. An international look at cities — how they shape our social lives, sex lives, work, protests, and more. Featuring a cover by Daniel Irizarri and 112 pages of comics from 30 cartoonists.

In this issue:

  • Kyiv under attack

  • The public hook-up spots of Mumbai

  • Copenhagen’s public housing laws have a racism problem

  • Four artists on lockdown in Melbourne

  • Fleeing Moscow

  • Fuck City, the 1993 version of 2022

The full lineup for the magazine is:

  • Life Under the Ghetto Law in Copenhagen by Erlend Hjortland Sandøy.

  • Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora by Jin Hien Lau.

  • From Baghdad, It’s Not a Game by Hussein Adil.

  • Sex in the Indian City by Sonaksha and Richa Kaul Padte.

  • Mabuhay, I-Hotel: The Life—and Afterlife—of San Francisco’s Manilatown by Triple Dream Comics.

With Dispatches, Strips, and other contributions from:

  • For The Response, Melbourne artists under locked down under with Beau Parsons, Eleri Harris, Sam Wallman, and Eloise Grills.

  • Cities stats by Xulin, Archive editorial cartoons on European cities under siege curated by Warren Bernard, and in our letters to the editor Jackie Roche illustrates weird things about our readers’ hometowns. Plus an interview on Nairobi with Dr. Wangui Kimari by Andy Warner and Maurice Odede.

  • Dispatches from Ted Closson, And Zeisler, Victoria Lomasko, Taku Ward, Othman Selmi, Kerensa Wood, Zhenya Oliinyk, Cathy Leamy, and Randall Trang.

  • Strips by Mattie Lubchansky, Gemma Correll, Joey Alison Sayers, Ben Passmore, Matt Bors, Ivan Brunetti, Keith Knight, Shannon Wheeler, and Whit Taylor.

  • With illustrations by Kazimir Lee and Mark Kaufman

Published by The Nib.

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