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THE LEFTOVERS #1 by Brian Judge


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THE LEFTOVERS is an indie comic Anthology made by former Xomik Buk contributors with the goal of making a brand new comic book as fast as humanly possible. The end result is a dizzying blur of comics the likes of which YOU have never seen!

THE LEFTOVERS is a 22 page celebration of the weird, bizarre, and otherwise strange comics that permeate from the indie realm. Best of all, with each order of the book you also receive a free complementary fridge magnet featuring the likeness of the draw-jam original mountain character!

Organized by Brian Judge, including the combined talents of:
Chris Cordon

Noah Yudell

Nathaniel Breen

Brian Judge

Tim Weinmann

Andy Boowandy

Ian McClellan

John “Hoss“ Taylor Jr

Adam DeRosa


Erik Jasek