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The Heavy Meadow: Dubya The Conquestador by Nero Caez


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The Heavy Meadow presents: Dubya the Conquestador! Follow Dubya "The Wrong Hander" as he sets off on a mini adventure of epic proportions. Printed and assembled by hand and signed in a cool metallic pen by me! Nero Caez! I had a lot of fun making these. I hope it transports you to a time when teenagers copped a new book or two, something your moms probably didn't want you to read, and sat with a mob of friends next to the skate park and laughed your asses off, passing around your books and a joint, so everyone could get in on the little inside jokes that would come to define those friendships:)

B&W halftoned classic Comix interior, Thick Luster high quality photo cover. 14 pages. 5x5 inch square mini format.

Self published by the artist.

(Instagram: @nerocaez)