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The Collected Sludgy Book by Robb Mirsky

The Collected Sludgy Book by Robb Mirsky

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The 'sweetest horror comic' you've ever read is back and better than ever! 170 pages of pure sludge joy, as this collection accounts for all four of the printed comics with the "rarely" seen issue #0 which first appeared in the comic book 'Read More Comix!' #5 and was the story that started it all!  As well as all that, there's a whole issue's worth of new material making this book six issues of Sludgy!  It doesn't get much sludgier than this!

If you've been craving more Sludgy, then the wait is over! This chunky book feels great in the hands, and is perfect for old fans and new readers alike.  Tales of love, friendship, the environment, and body horror can all be found within the pages.  This comic is not for the faint of heart, and is not meant to be a "kids comic", so reader discretion is advised. It's a (cute) horror comic after all!

By Robb Mirsky

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