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The Teenage Harlets - Up The Fixx - CD

The Teenage Harlets - Up The Fixx - CD

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The Teenage Harlets don't play rock & roll, they play danger.

Flying a defiant finger in the face of the San Francisco garage scene since 1999, Teenage Harlets style rock has no tiresome monologs, no politcs, no talking, no tuning, no fancy knobs or effects. They play revved up, stripped down, non-stop short attention-span surf-garage-punk-rock-mayhem that will have you singing and dancing while you run for your life. Worried? No need to fear. Thanks to Springman Records and the latest in garage-based recording technology, you can dance along in the relative safety of your own home as the Harlets tear through 22 songs in 30 minutes on their full length LP and digi-pack CD, "Up the Fixx".

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