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Supernatural Horror Tinder by Tori Bowler

Supernatural Horror Tinder by Tori Bowler

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Have you ever wanted to date a ghost/alien/monster/poltergeist/etc.? Now you can with this 18 page horror comedy comic! It includes the fictional Tinder profiles of all of my favorite horror villains and a corresponding playlist of the character's favorite songs!

If there's a character you don't know, please check out the movie! I'd love for this comic to spark your interest in new horror movies!

Take a peek and see if you'd swipe right ;)


The comic has the Tinder profiles of:

Audrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors

Xenomorph- Alien Franchise

The Beast - Poltergeist

Thing - The Thing

The Gill-Man - Creature From the Black Lagoon

Greta- Gremlins

Jötuun - The Ritual

Black Phillip - The Witch

Smile Entity - Smile

Jennifer Check - Jennifer's Body

Kayako Saeki - Juon: The Grudge

Damien Karras -The Exorcist

Gabriel May - Malignant

Crawler - The Descent

Mister Babadook - The Babadook

Laura Barnes - Unfriended -

David Kessler - American Werewolf in London

Jack Goodman - American Werewolf in London


Check out their website for more art!

IG: Delightful.horror

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