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STUM by Yan Taillefer

STUM by Yan Taillefer

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Content Warning:  18+ NSFW!

A mouse with a sad fate finds herself in the hands of a mysterious, sprawling company, AG-Corp. Accompanied by her malignant tumor (inoculated by AG-Corp), she soon discovers that the company's economy is based, among other dubious activities, on a recycling system that transforms citizens considered undesirable into building materials. Between them, they're going to wreak havoc with AG-Corp's well-oiled machinery...

Interspersed with short stories recounting the tragi-comic adventures of a model A-G corp employee, a complexed daisy or the hectic life of a match, this silent comic strip by Yann Taillefer, drawn entirely in two-color ballpoint pen and reminiscent in certain respects of Dave Cooper , details the absurdity of a system that feeds on itself. Finally, the principle of recycling.

          • 100 pages
          • EXTRA BIG SIZE 9 X 12 ,5 INCHES / 23 X 32 CM
          • Soft cover
          • Printed in color 

          Published by The Mansion Press

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