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Student Ambassador: The Silver City by Ryan Estrada

Student Ambassador: The Silver City by Ryan Estrada

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Eight-year-old student ambassador Joseph Bazan made a big splash on the international scene when he cracked the case of The Missing Dragon and kept the nation of Rhutan from going to war. Now, he’s back to being a regular kid and, to be honest, real life is a tad boring! 

When former president Tex Olman, impressed by Joseph’s character and creative problem-solving, asks for his help on a trip to Mexico, it’s a dream come true. Not only does he have the adventure itch, Joseph has always wanted to learn more about his ancestral roots in the vibrant, ancient city of Zacatecas. But this vacation isn’t all churros and museums (though it does have those!). There's a legend that ghosts haunt the city's famous silver mines, and it's starting to seem like more than just a story! 

Joseph will need his deep knowledge, knack for friendship, and adventurous mettle to decode secret messages, explore dangerous caves, and save the city . . . that is, if the Ghosts of Zacatecas don’t get him first! Student Ambassador is a globe-trotting action-adventure set in the real world where dangers mount, the stakes are high, and smarts save the day!

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