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Street Angel by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca

Street Angel by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca

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Harry Potter, Bruce Wayne, Annie, and Oliver Twist can go #&©% themselves! There's a new orphan in town.

Homeless teenager, Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez cuts school and uses her skateboard and kung-fu action to fight ninja gangbangers, mad scientists, cops, time-traveling pirates, J-horror cliches, an evil version of her future self, ancient gods, rednecks, hunger...

Funny, violent, irreverent - everything you love in comic books (except sex). The creators of Afrodisiac present the Princess of Poverty -- Street Angel!

2nd edition details:
176 PC (pink & purple) pages
6 " x 9 " HC
ISBN 978-1-935233-32-9

Published by AdHouse Books.

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