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Strangers Fanzine Issue 5

Strangers Fanzine

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Strangers #5- first issue of 2021! 92 pages cover to cover, the largest issue yet!

Table of Contents
- Introduction and The Editor’s Brain Dump
- Alexis Ziritt & Dave Baker on Night Hunters
- The Graduation Subject by Gorka Uztarroz
- My New Years Comics Resolution
- Mail Call Reviews
- I Already Told You I’m Not Going By Marc Palm
- A Tale Of Two Pennsylvania’s: Nate McDonough by David Moses
- Alonzo Sneak by Nate Garcia
- It Came From The Dollar Bin Vol 4 By Tom Neely
- Speaking On Everything Else: A Conversation with Kate Lacour
- Dynamic Dolphin In Strangers In The City By Lee Stevenson
- New York City is a Hell scape: An Interview with Ken Landgraf
- Grubgrab by Mattchee & Ian Thomas
- Tintin From The Perspective of Brandon Graham
- A Tale Of Two Pennsylvania’s: Meghan Turbitt by David Moses
- Jungleland Part 3 By Adam Falp
- But Wait...Don’t Forget About: Exquisite Corpse By Ian Thomas

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