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Spoonboy / The Goodbye Party - Split EP


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SPOONBOY is the stage-name for David Combs when not performing with Washington DC pop-punk powerhouse The Max Levine Ensemble, in this case as part of a full-on 7-member pop-punk orchestra kicking out two of the catchiest, most heartfelt and fun sing-alongs about intense experiences and important shit this side of paradise.

Flip the record over for two equally saccharine soul-wrenching power-pop rockers from THE GOODBYE PARTY, the music-project name of Michael Cantor, formerly front-man of The Ambulars from Philadelphia, joined by the aforementioned David Combs along with Mike Harping of Good Luck and Harry and the Potters.

5 AM Moonlight was written while I worked a service industry job,” says Cantor. “My shift often started around 5 or 6 in the morning and I worked outside through a pretty brutal winter. I came to view the city as a physical manifestation of capitalism, with workers trekking in before sunrise, being consumed, and then spit back out at the end of a work day, tired and empty.”

This is one of those damn good records that you keep flipping to play over and over again and include on all the mixtapes.