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Sick Tats Flash Quarantzine Anthology

Sick Tats Flash Quarantzine Anthology

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Silver Sprocket’s best artist buds made a full color quarant-zine of tattoo flash art

Full color spreads from:

Simon Jane
Ivy Atoms
Ashley Robin Franklin
Sanaa Khan
Fiona Bearclaw
Jensine Eckwall
James the Stanton
Lara Kaminoff
Opal Pence
Sarah Duyer
Seth Katz
Sage Coffey
Hyena Hell
Meggie Ramm
Jenn Woodall
Mary Shyne
Nicole Goux
Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Caroline Cash
Travis Rommereim
Becca Tobin
Liz Suburbia
Kelsey Wroten
Olivia Walch
Alec Robbins
Andrew Pena
Gracie CT
Josh PM
Cover by Michael Sweater

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