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Rituals by Nicole Goux

Silver Sprocket

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In this mini art-book full of lush illustrations, artist Nicole Goux captures the sacred rites of getting ready to go out: the quiet before the party, the anticipation before the date, and the spiritual creation of self in the safe space of your inner sanctuary.

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"Rituals is a fun, intimate art book that captures the quiet moments we all spend getting ready in our own little spaces. It has a cohesive look and feel throughout, with Goux’s art style and colors creating lively spaces that reflect each person’s personality and story perfectly." – Paige Lyman, WWAC

"I don’t know from where Goux drew inspiration for these scenes, where she was or what she saw, but you can feel Rituals crackle with the energy she captures, elegant and inelegant and housed in the same sacred space." – Arpad Okay, DoomRocket


Comic book; 24 full-color pages; 7 x 7 inches
ISBN: 979-8-88620-012-6