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Risograph Print: Solarplexus Chakra by Cristy C. Road

Silver Sprocket

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The Solarplexus Chakra.

Artwork from Cristy C. Road's "The Chaos of Enlightenment" zine.

We are Centered in our cause. We are Wounded Healers, THE CALM during the storm, and a Gift to the World. We reclaim magic from our traumas and wisdom from our story. The body is a vessel for our wildest dreams, and we are the CONCIOUSNESS that paints them. We are the flight, the fight, the pace, and the solution. As logic and emotion merge in the chaos of our mind— We are EQUILIBRIUM.

Two color Risograph, 11" x 14" inches

Artwork by Cristy C. Road

Printed by Colour Code, Toronto