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Red Solstice Issue 2

Red Solstice Issue 2

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A collaborative biannual tabletop roleplaying game magazine dedicated ti providing game-able material for anyone with a fondness for weird fiction. This issue provides meaty wonders of all varieties!

This magazine features synthetic beasts, dealing with the devil in early 20th century Philipines, cats, mercenaries, mummified martial arts monks, and more! 


Red Solstice features content designed for a variety of OSR-adjacent systems, and a hearty helping of random tables to spice up and add a little weirdness to any game.

Featuring the work of Cam Silva, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Fred Dinsmore, Jarrett Crader, Kirby, Nico Santagoy, Seth Ian, Spooky Rusty, Stella Condrey, Thrift O’Mancer and cover art by reinapepiada

Can be used with any RPG system.

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