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Red Solstice Issue 1

Red Solstice Issue 1

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40 pages, staplebound softcover, A5. Full color.

"Congratulations (contractor name) on being selected to participate in our new Debt Forgiveness Program! This is the perfect opportunity for (delinquent creditees/detained suspects/political dissidents/undocumented migrants) such as yourself to transcend the circumstances brought on by (your own/your ancestors') poor choices and moral weaknesses! Please sign the following statement to receive your mission briefing:"

A collaborative biannual tabletop roleplaying game magazine dedicated ti providing game-able material for anyone with a fondness for weird fiction. This issue provides meaty wonders of all varieties!

This magazine features settings, monsters, dungeons, rules for miniature submarines inside of a body, gods, medical supplies and dubious medical practices.

Cover art by Annika "The Beastiary" Krein. Editing by Jarrett Crader. Layout by Stella Joy Condrey. Featuring the work of Andrew Walter, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Jarrett Crader,  Jason Wardell, Jimble, Luke Gearing, N.L. Morrison, Sam Barrett, Seth Ian, Stella Condrey, Thrift O’Mancer, and Tyler Earnest.


Can be used with any RPG system.

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