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The New Trust & Pteradon - Split EP

The New Trust & Pteradon - Split EP

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This split 7″ between The New Trust and Pteradon has two exclusive tracks from each band.

The New Trust, featuring Josh Staples formerly of The Velvet Teen and Edaline (and presently in The Jealous Sound!), plays fired-up indie-rock songs that bring to mind my favorite elements of the mid-’90s heyday (think Boilermaker, Knapsack and early Promise Ring), are catchy as all get-out, and rarely reach the three-minute mark.

Pteradon, featuring Max and Morgan from Hard Girls and Jesse Michaels’ Classics Of Love, play grinding indie-punk reminiscent of early Jawbreaker and The Lawrence Arms, tearing up your throat sing-a-long anthems. Pteradon knew they were breaking up before this record went to press and said it would be ok if I didn’t want to put it out, but I told them to fuck off when I heard how good the songs were, no fucking way we would pass on putting this one out.

Limited pressing of 500 on white wax with stunning full-color double-sided jackets featuring photography by Sara Sanger and design by Josh Staples.

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