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Progress and Harmony for Mankind by Masala Noir

Progress and Harmony for Mankind by Masala Noir

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If today almost nothing remains from the buildings of that period, the 1970 World Exposition in Osaka remains engraved in the memory of the old generations as the symbol of Japan’s renewal on the international scene after the devastation of World War II.

Both utopian and visionary, the architects of the exhibition gathered their talents to imagine the future of today and to organize their trend of thought where Marxist, capitalist theories traditional and Western influences intertwined.

EXPO'70 was held under the theme Progress & Harmony for Mankind and will remain for architects of the 60s, the greatest opportunity they had to mark with their seal the history of modern Japan.

This edition, printed with Risography studio and editor Quintal gathers photos of the extraordinary architecture of the exhibition.

32 pages - A4

Imported from France

Published by Mamama Paris.

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