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Prison of the Forsaken Bear God by Stella Condrey

Prison of the Forsaken Bear God by Stella Condrey

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Long ago, the people of the northern lands spoke the true name of bears, a powerful and vital utterance. This power proved too dangerous, and as such the sages of the time sealed away Karubahr, the god of bears, in a subterranean complex, in hopes only other sages would be able to access the god and the fell name it spoke. The last of the northern sages of old died 300 years ago, taking the true name, and the only known safe way though the complex, with them.

Prison of the Forgotten Bear God is a 6th-level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics, comprising a township, hex crawl, and dungeon. Will you brave the perilous wilds for a chance at unimaginable power? Should such things as the true name of bears be known to mere mortals? Decide fast, because you’re not the only dangerous thing prowling in these woods...

Prepare to face: 

  • The hamlet of Barford, home to the malicious bear cult
  • 36 uniquely coded hexes for overland adventures
  • The prison of Karubahr, abandoned and anything but empty
  • Detailed rules for running a bear cultist PC 
  • More bears than you can could ever imagine. Werebears. Doublebears. Bear-owls. Spiderbears. 
  • Fungal Bears. Bug Bears. Ghost Bears. 
  • And more!
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