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Popocomi 2 Anthology

Popocomi 2 Anthology

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Published May 2021
98 pages, glossy cover, A5 paperback

A selection of 13 works by Japanese and South Korean small press comics artists and illustrators, published by Popotame Book Gallery. The subtitle is “Some world somewhere, somewhere in the world”. We all live in our own different worlds, but we can feel like we’re living in the same world by liking the same artist, reading the same comic. Includes an afterwards by Popocomi editor & Popotame owner Eriko Kobayashi. Premiered at TCAF in 2021.

Artists: Younggeun Byun, Maiko Dake, Imjina, Sayaka Ishiyama, Heny Kim, Inori Kito, Yoonhee Lee, merry-mj, MISSISSIPPI, Akiko Miyakoshi, Ikumi Nakada, Tsuchika Nishimura, OOO

Published by Glacier Bay Books

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