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Parasitic City #1 by Shintaro Kago

Parasitic City #1 by Shintaro Kago

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CW: Body horror, sexual situations, adult themes! 18+ NSFW

Finally the new Shintaro Kago series from Hollow Press is arrived and in an annual basis will give us, from now until 2026, the longest work that the Japanese author has ever written. Parasitic City is a series set in a dystopian world where people’s sins are controlled through parasites and souls and reincarnations in future lives can be bought as long as you have accumulated enough Haramitsu points.

A crazy story full of references to comics and Western philosophy (from Moebius to Kant), all seasoned with the principles of the major Eastern religious doctrines and the unmistakable style of Shintaro Kago, undisputed master of Ero-Guro.


160 pages, stitched binding,
LARGE A4 format
b-w offset print

Published by Floating World Comics

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