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Out of Style by Dewi Putri Megawati

Out of Style by Dewi Putri Megawati

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 'Out of Style' a stunning new artbook from the brilliant Devi Putri Megwati aka @winchestermegg (Twitter / Instagram)!

'Out of Style' follows 3 young Muslim women: Mila, Yul, and Hana, giving us glimpses into their lives as they go to school, work, spend time with family and friends, shop, and more!

As well as being a showcase for Meg's gorgeous art, 'Out of Style' is also an unfettered celebration of young Muslim women simply being themselves -goofy, passionate, sporty, anxious, lazy, stylish (the list goes on) - beyond the boundaries of othering perceptions.

With over 100 pages of illustrations and 40 pages of comics, this really is an unmissable affirming debut from a rising superstar artist.

Published by Short Box.

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