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One Strange Day by Shinnosuke Saika

One Strange Day by Shinnosuke Saika

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Yukie’s dad brings her to the clinic after she comes down with a case of stomach cramps. While there, she runs into Mato and another classmate. The night takes a strange and slightly unnerving twist, after they decide to go on a prowl through the clinic’s shadowy hallways… (Sleepy Child story no. 5)

Note: One Strange Day refers a little bit to characters established in the previous story That Child. That said, the work stands alone and can be understood by itself. An introduction gallery is included at the beginning of the book summarizing some of the important characters and their relationships.

Translation by Anna Schnell.
Lettering by Tim Sun.

By Shinnosuke Saika, Published by Glacier Bay Books. 34 pages, 5×7 format (approximately B6) perfect bound book. Thick textured covers with watercolor portrait, BW interior on uncoated 100# stock.

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